Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Brian Daniels

Brian Daniels is the author of Luke's Dream and Thoughts of An Average Joe. Take it away, Brian:

In 2009, I started writing a humorous commentary newspaper column and blog, Thoughts of an Average Joe by Joe Wright. “So why the nom de plum, Brian,” some asked. I’m not so fluent in French, so, initially, I thought my friends were badgering me about his hair-do. Once it was explained that “nom de plum” is French for “pen name”, I explained that Thoughts of an Average Brian just doesn’t have the same ring and, furthermore, creating a fictitious character allowed me to express ideas and opinions even more ridiculous than my own.

I grew up in Vermont’s “Northeast Kingdom” and have lived in Maine for more than half my life. Living in northern New England for so many years has given me the perspective of a small town country bumpkin. I enjoy sharing my Thoughts through the eyes of Average Joe Wright who hails from Smalltown, a fictitious little community typical of so many in Maine. Average Joe struggles to cope with life in the modern world and expresses his frustration in articles like “I’m Not Ready for the Wireless World” and “I Remember When Water Was Free.” Joe has a particularly hard time understanding his “little woman”, Winnie, and others of her gender and writes about that in “I’m Afraid of the Little Woman” and “I’ve Noticed that Women are Not like Men.”
I’m excited to present my book, Thoughts of an Average Joe, at the Books in Boothbay event on July 11th.  Hope you’ll stop by to meet me; we’ll have some fun. I’ll tell you some nearly true stories and I’ll bring along my guitar and sing you a few humorous songs inspired by my Thoughts.

Come meet Brian Daniels and his nom de plum at Books in Boothbay!  
Brian (or Joe, we forget which) will also be one of our afternoon speakers.

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