Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cathie Pelletier

Cathie Pelletier is the author of twelve novels, the most recent of which is A Year After Henry, published by Sourcebooks in August, 2014.

What are your ties to Maine or the Boothbay Peninsula.

I was born and raised in northern Maine, at the very end of the road, in the house my father and grandfather built. They dug the foundation with horses and it took them almost a month.  I am now back in the house, after more than 40 years of "living away."

What are the most important themes in your work?

I have two fictional canvases. The "Mattagash" canvas, a place in northern Maine at the end of the road, is all about a small town, its growth since 1959 and its many generation of ancestral roots that can be a good thing and a bad thing.

Tell us about the books you will be signing at Books In Boothbay this year?

My entire backlist of 7 novels were bought and now back out in new jackets and edited. And I have had three new books in the past 18 months. So I'll be talking about my entire career and reading from A YEAR AFTER HENRY, published this past August.

What do you feel about the future of our local libraries?

I have traveled to many libraries in the past 18 months of touring and hear tales of woe.  It concerns me.  Since the first one at Alexandria, libraries have been a source of knowledge for millions and millions and millions of people.  I am working with a library in northern Maine on a project that I hope will help in a small way the libraries in Aroostook County.

Don't miss Cathie Pelletier and many more Maine authors at Books in Boothbay this July 11th!

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