Thursday, June 23, 2016

Matthew Langdon Cost

Matthew Langdon Cost graduated with a B.A. in history from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. Right after graduation he wrote a yet unpublished historical novel about the Cuban Revolution of 1953-1959. He has since published two mystery novels, Mainely Power and Mainely Fear. In 2007, after taking a two-week class on teaching biography in the classroom, Cost decided to return to historical fiction, choosing Joshua Chamberlain and the Civil War as his topic.  Eight years later, his historical novel, Joshua Chamberlain and the Civil War:  At Every Hazard, was published in April of 2015. The novel has been getting extremely good reviews from national publications such as KIRKUS REVIEW and the “Civil War News”. Cost was a business owner for ten years in Brunswick, Maine. His ventures included a video store, a fitness club, and a bookstore.  He was then a middle school social studies teacher for ten years, and has now dedicated himself to life as a writer.  

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