Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mystery novelist Gerry Boyle

Gerry Boyle is a crime/mystery novelist based in Maine. Gerry is a former newspaper reporter and columnist whose crime reporting has provided the raw material for his novels. Beginning in 1993, Gerry began writing mysteries featured Jack McMorrow, a former New York Times reporter transplanted to Maine (some might say exiled). In the books, McMorrow, his social worker partner Roxanne, and their ex-Marine commando friend Clair have explored Maine mill towns, country hideouts, and the Maine woods, often fighting their way back home. As Gerry says, “I never send Jack anywhere I haven’t been.” That means dispatching McMorrow to courtrooms, mill-town tenements, marijuana fields, jail cells, and police interrogation rooms. The McMorrow novels, beginning with DEADLINE (1993) and the ninth in the series, DAMAGED GOODS (2010) have been translated into several languages.

In 2009, Gerry launched a new series with the novel PORT CITY SHAKEDOWN, featuring young Brandon Blake, a Portland, Maine boat bum with a troubled past. Brandon has grown up on the water, raised by an alcoholic grandmother after his mother was lost at sea in a sailing accident. He’s decided that there are two things in life: right and wrong, with nothing in between. Brandon is tough beyond his years, hardened by life. From his aging cabin cruiser Bay Witch, he makes his way along the waterfront, attracting a lovely writer friend, Mia, and some nasty criminals.

This fall, the second Brandon Blake novel, PORT CITY BLACK AND WHITE, was published by Down East Books. In this novel, Brandon realizes his dream of joining the Portland P.D., with mixed results. The police cruisers are black and white but to Brandon’s surprise, even the world of cops is colored in many shades of gray.

Gerry recently completed his 10th Jack McMorrow novel, ONCE BURNED. He expects that book to be published in 2012. He plies his trade from a small village on a lake where he indulges his passions: books, boats, and birds.

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