Friday, May 25, 2012

Eva Murrary

Eva Murrary is the author of ‘Well Out to Sea’, a book of interesting articles on life at Matinicus Island. 

In 1987, Eva moved from the Rockland area to Matinicus, having been hired to teach at the island’s one-room school. Two years later, she married the island electrician and stayed to raise their family there (the children are now in college).

Over the years, she has become an emergency medical technician, started a small bakery, taken on a number of roles in municipal government and local organizations, started the community’s recycling program, and been a first responder to emergencies both real and imagined.  

Since 2003, she’s also been a regular columnist for several publications including Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, the Working Waterfront, the (Rockland) Village Soup and Free Press, and Down East Online.  

Eva bakes bread in a wood stove, spins wool, digs potatoes, collects useful herbs, cuts hay with a scythe and swings a blacksmith’s hammer.  Perhaps not surprisingly, she sometimes writes her articles with pencil and paper.  

‘Well Out to Sea’ shares stories of a unique community, of an interdependence that is all too rare these days but necessary for this island’s survival. 

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