Friday, May 18, 2012

Robin Hansen

West Bath author Robin Hansen has been researching and writing books about mittens for almost 30 years.  She is a recognized expert on traditional Maine mittens and has given workshops around the country, and even beyond our borders.  She is a folklorist and journalist as well, and her articles have appeared in Interweave Knits, Piecework, and Knitter’s Magazine, amongst many others.  She is the author of seven books on northern folk mittens, including two books for children: the best-selling how-to-knit book ‘Sunny’s Mittens’, and ‘Ice Harbor Mittens’.  Her latest book ‘Ultimate Mittens’ is a collection of 28 magnificent mitten patterns! This book is meant to carry on the tradition of folk mittens, passed down through the years.  Robin says it best: "Mittens are hardly more than a swatch with a thumb.  Their small format makes them ideal canvases for learning new techniques, playing with colors, or using fun techniques considered too laborious for larger garments".

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