Saturday, June 16, 2012

Janis Bolster

Janis Bolster grew up in small towns in Maine. After post-English-major stints at things like checking off boxes on insurance claim reports and performing for a blind professor those tasks that his Seeing-Eye dog couldn't manage, she found her way to a job in publishing that has become a career. When she discovered that copy editors and proofreaders almost always share her enthusiasm for mysteries, she got the idea for the Sally Jean Chalmers series. In Murder in Two Tenses (Reck House Press, 2010), Sally is an editorial assistant getting experience in the business – and in the side effects of murder. In The Lost Daughters (Reck House Press, 2011), Sally works on a historic diary in Portland, Maine, and becomes a suspect when her employer is murdered.

Bolster has moved back to Maine, settling into an old shipwright's house in Bath that is making its way into the third Sally Jean Chalmers mystery, tentatively titled Emily Dickinson in the Attic.

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