Thursday, July 11, 2013

Carol Lillieqvist Welsh

Adoptee, Birthmother, and Adoptive mother, Carol Lillieqvist Welsh's mission is to raise awareness of the complexities of adoption and inspire through experience, artistic design, and the written word. By sharing our journeys and wearing beautiful adoption artwork we honor the ties that bind those of us touched by these experiences.

An Author and jewelry designer with degrees in Psychology and Human Relations Carol is indeed an experienced expert in the field of adoption. Her dynamic presentations inspire and enthuse. Carol’s adoption mystery story will inspire you to find confidence, trust your abilities, make your own dreams come true, and take part in your destiny.  When you showcase a piece of her stunning jewelry radiance will flow from your entire body as you stand a bit taller, a bit straighter with honor and respect for being touched by adoption.

Carol is a member of the Maine Writers and Publisher Alliance, the American Adoption Congress, Concerned United Birthparents, and a supporter of Camp To Belong Maine. She lives in the mountains of Norway, Maine.

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