Monday, June 15, 2015

Barbara Winslow

Barbara Winslow is the author of The Kennebec is Rising.

What are your ties to Maine?

We have lived in Maine for the last 35 years. My children all attended Skowhegan and Norridgewock schools. I taught school in Skowhegan for 25 years.My husband was born in Millinocket.

What is your favorite thing about writing in Maine?
I love Maine's unique history and small towns. I draw from that for inspiration.

What are the most important themes in your work?

The most important theme in my writing is community and family.

Tell us about the book you will be signing at Books In Boothbay this year?

The Kennebec is Rising is about a flood in Norridgewock History ,locally called the Pumpkin Freshet. It was a fall time flood in the 1800s during which pumpkins were lifted from the fields beside the river and carried all the way to the sea. The main character is a kitten which clings to a large pumpkin on this epic journey.The illustrations were carefully researched to show  life along the river during that time period.

What do you hope readers will discover in your latest book?

I hope that readers will become interested in local history and in the towns along the Kennebec River.

What do you feel about the future of our local libraries?

I think local libraries are still important in many ways. They are providing community programs, internet access, and of course wonderful books. I hate to think of a world without libraries. I love the Skowhegan Public Library and use its services on a weekly basis.

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