Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jennifer Wixson

Jennifer Wixson's delicious novels are all set in Maine. We'll let her tell you about them:

I love Maine history, food, farming and down-home fun (such as fiddleheading and winter picnics) and one can find these themes rippling through my Sovereign Series of novels. A sense of place is very important to me, which is why I created the little town of Sovereign, Maine populated with good-hearted characters in the style of Sarah Orne Jewett. I'm a big fan of Jewett and I love her town Dunnett's Landing. Most of the characters in Dunnett's Landing would be right at home in Sovereign and vice versa. Readers tell me they feel as though they're sitting down at the country kitchen table to have a cup of coffee with a good friend when they read my Sovereign Series and that makes me feel as though I've done my job as an author. 

I'll be signing copies of the first three novels in the series: Hens & Chickens (Book 1, 2012), Peas, Beans & Corn (Book 2, 2013) and The Songbird of Sovereign (Book 3, 2014) at the Book Fair.

Come get a taste for reading at Books in Boothbay on July 11!

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