Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mark Scott Ricketts

Mark Scott Ricketts is a Maine-based Arkansas-born writer/illustrator who has created many graphic novels, including an Invincible Iron Man story arc for Marvel. Ricketts has most recently published a humor title, A Flatlander’s Guide to Maine, and an award-winning children’s picture book, Adventures in Vacationland, with Islandport Press.

What is your favorite thing about writing and illustrating in Maine?

When the weather is nice, and I need inspiration, all I have to do is crank up the car and drive fifteen minutes in any direction. In Maine, there’s a beautiful view around every corner. While I’m soakin’ up the atmosphere, something (or someone) wicked funny always sneaks up behind me. This place breeds characters. Stephen King, Marshall Dodge, and John Gould have introduced us to a few. And the creatures around here can be a little peculiar. The moose is majestic, but, boy, is it weird. The lobster — what can I say — it looks dang near prehistoric. Tasty, but strange nonetheless. The charm and beauty of the landscape, the oddball fauna, along with the humor and honesty of the people keeps me grounded; encourages creativity. Winter in Maine can be wondrous, too. Plus, the bitter cold is a pretty good excuse to snuggle up with your keyboard and get down to work. You can’t get cabin fever when you’re building new worlds inside your head. Sure, those times when you have to shovel snow can be a pain. But I tend to come up with some of my best ideas while digging out my driveway.

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