Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mary Lawrence

Mary Lawrence studied biology and chemistry, graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Cytotechnology. After working for years as a cytologist, she now farms and writes in Limington. The Alchemist's Daughter is the first book in the Bianca Goddard Mysteries. You can visit her at

What are your ties to Maine or the Boothbay Peninsula?

I’ve lived in Maine for over 30 years, having moved to Portland from Indiana to work as a cytotechnologist at Mercy Hospital. Except for a brief detour to Western Massachusetts, I’ve called Maine home.

What is your favorite thing about writing in Maine?

The long winters are perfect for reading and contemplation. I get a lot of writing done in the winter.

Tell us about the book you will be signing at Books In Boothbay this year?

The Alchemist’s Daughter is my debut mystery in the Bianca Goddard Mysteries published by Kensington. The series takes place in Tudor London near the end of King Henry VIII’s reign and features the daughter of an infamous alchemist and a provocative cast of commoners. This is my first published novel.

What do you hope readers will discover in your latest book?

The Alchemist’s Daughter is an edgy historical mystery.  It’s got a smattering of romance and a little bit of creep factor.  I hope to immerse readers in the dangerous world of 1543 Tudor London and take them on a fast-paced murder adventure they won’t forget.

What do you feel about the future of our local libraries?

I think libraries are going to play a more important role in connecting readers to new writers. I see librarians taking on a more advisory role with brick and mortar stores thinning ranks. Someone has to help advocate for readers and writers and they’ll come to be some of the few human voices that will still be heard in this increasingly more digital world.  So many readers make their choices by looking at what books are being pushed on them by media and big publishing houses. Folks forget there are a lot of excellent writers and books out there that don’t have a big PR budget behind them.  Librarians  are on the forefront of finding out what is new and what is worth reading.

Come meet Mary Lawrence and many other Maine authors at Books in Boothbay on July 11!

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