Friday, July 3, 2015

Glenda MacLauchlan

Glenda MacLauchlan's There Is Life After Martinis tells a poignant story of a woman’s journey from the crippling shackles of alcoholism to a joyful life of sobriety.

Like many others, Glenda was raised in a chaotic home. The damage done in childhood led to a life of tension, fear and learned unhealthy behaviors. Encouraged by mom and dad, she started drinking in her teens. She recounts a story of spiralling down the same path as her parents. For way too long, she insisted life as “party girl” was what she wanted, right up until her arrest for drunken driving.

Glenda shares colorful, sometimes humorous stories of life in her 20’s living in Hawaii. Her love of music, especially Elvis Presley’s, provided refuge in childhood and remains a constant today.

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