Friday, July 8, 2016

Our complete list of authors for 2016!

Hey folks, we're just a few hours away from Books in Boothbay 2016! Join us tomorrow -- Saturday, July 9 -- for the most fun you can have outside of a bookstore.

Here's our complete author list -- and it's a great list, indeed. Peruse the rest of our website for author bios and more about the fun events happening at Boothbay Railway Village tomorrow.

Young readers
Sally Loughridge Busch
Dnn Fendler
Francine McEwen
Paige Pendleton
Lynn Plourde
Lea Wait
Barbara Winslow

Adult Fiction
Elizabeth Atkinson
Jen Blood
Brenda Bowen
Brenda Buchanan
Dorothy Cannell
Richard Shane Cohen
Jessie Crockett
Charlene D’Avanzo
Paul Doiron
Kate Flora
Stephanie Gayle
Mary Lawrence
Edith Maxwell
Maureen Milliken
Jim Nichols
Anne Britting Oleson
Dale T. Phillips
Morgan Callan Rogers
Barbara Ross
Lea Wait

Adult Nonfiction
Eleanor Phillips Brackbill
Kate Christensen
Jeannette de Beauvoir
Matthew Langdon Cost
Roger Guay
Jim Haskell
Jean Larkin
Tom Major
Sarah Sherman

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